Dry/Combination Cleansing Oil
LaVon Blu

Dry/Combination Cleansing Oil

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We added lavender and mandarin essential oils to our cleansing oil formula to help you relax and unwind so you can get ready for a good night's sleep and help skin cells regenerate overnight.
4 oz.

Foaming cleansing products often strip the skin's natural oils and leave it dry. These products often exacerbate oily skin conditions by stripping away all of the natural oil. The skin then over-produces oil to compensate for this, making acne worse.

Cleansing oils are more gentle and do not strip away all of the skin's natural oils.  They are suitable for all skin types.

We use a blend of sunflower and castor oil. Sunflower is a light oil that has skin softening and nourishing qualities. Its anti-inflammatory and skin regenerating activity make it perfect for treating eczema, psoriasis, acne, dry and sensitive skin, aging skin, and skin that has been damaged by UV rays from the sun. Castor oil is thick and slow to absorb which makes it an excellent oil to massage into your face.  Its healing and cleansing properties promote skin detoxification and lift dirt away from the skin.

Massage a small amount into your skin in circular motions.  Remove with a damp muslin cloth, flannel, or damp cotton pads.  Follow with our calendula toner and rose water to remove the last traces of oil and any makeup or dirt.