Island Coconut Salt Scrub
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Island Coconut Salt Scrub

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This island coconut salt scrub will soothe your mind with its sweet coconut scents.

Pink Himalayan salt scrub uses extra fine salt to provide a more gentle exfoliation without tearing skin tissue. A single use will lessen bumps and lines while detoxifying the skin by wiping off bacteria, dirt and pollutants from the pores.

Benefits of salt scrubs: gently rubbing the skin in a circular motion with our salt scrubs helps with the exfoliation of dead skin cells. These cells harden on the skin's surface and continue to thicken until they are removed. This makes the skin look dry and flaky. Exfoliating with our salt scrub not only removes the layers of dead skin but reveals moist and shiny skin and increases skin circulation and regeneration which tightens and firms giving a younger looking appearance.

9.3 oz. including glass jar with wooden spoon

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