Mother's Day Luxury Spa Package - Sultry Black Jasmine
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Mother's Day Luxury Spa Package - Sultry Black Jasmine

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Treat Mom to an at-home spa day for Mother's Day this year! We developed this line based on a luxurious spa located in Southern Florida. Soak in our foaming bath salt and slather on our foaming bath salt scrub to help your skin look smoother, younger, and feel more luxurious. Our scented candle enhances the relaxing spa experience.

Each package includes:

1 Foaming Bath Salt Soak - 8 ounces
1 Foaming Bath Salt Scrub - 8 ounces
1 Scented Candle - 7.2 ounces

Choose 1 free product:

1 Bubble Bath - 8 ounces OR
1 Large Heart Bath Bomb - 8.2 ounces

Our FOAMING BATH SALT SOAKS are more than a typical salt soak; you will notice a nice fizzing action. We use both European sea salts and Dead sea salts which soothe, cleanse, and detoxify the skin while relieving tired, sore muscles. Jojoba oil helps relieve dry skin while helping repair damaged skin. It is great for all skin types and helps calm down sensitive and dry skin. It also helps ease eczema and rosacea.

Our FOAMING BATH SALT SCRUBS will leave your skin soft, supple, and moisturized.  We use sweet almond oil which is excellent moisturizer for dry skin. It also stimulates new skin cell production and helps decrease damage from the sun's UV rays. Grape seed oil moisturizes the skin, helps improve its elasticity, and helps protect the skin from damage from the sun's UV rays. The sea salts help soothe, cleanse, and detoxify the skin.

Our CANDLES contain an ecosoy wax which is an all natural soy wax that holds a lot of fragrance. Our wooden wicks are eco-friendly and burn clean. If you listen closely, you can hear the crackling of the wooden wick as it burns.

This fragrance has a sophisticated scent of bergamot, cassis, rose, neroli, jasmine, and smoky musk.

Scent Family:  FLORAL